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Proud To Be Rated 4 Stars By Texas Rising Star The State’s Highest Rating Means Quality For You!

Compassionate Owners Committed To Delivering Quality, Reliable Care

Welcome you to an extraordinary home from home, owned and led by a passionate, dedicated, and always-engaged husband and wife team—Nancy and Rick Kodama—who keep the magic of early learning exciting, paving the way for a lifelong love of learning.
Compassionate Owners Committed To Delivering Quality, Reliable Care

Nancy & Rick Kodama - Owners

A Loving Director With Years Of Knowledge & Expertise

Courtney Thompson - Director

A Loving Director With Years Of Knowledge & Expertise

Director Courtney Thompson has been a positive influence in the lives of children like yours since 2001. Understanding the importance of responsive care, encouragement, guidance, and hands-on play, Courtney builds a happy, nurturing environment where children thrive.

Core Values

A Loving Environment Where Children Always Come First

Children are the center of the universe here. Teachers surround your little one with love, compassion, and nurturing to give them a sense of belonging, value, and meaning.

A Safe Place For Kids To Be Kids

Classrooms and playgrounds are set up for ultimate protection; everyone looks out for one another, and strictly sticks to safety protocols, so your child thrives.

Trust & Reliability For Peace of Mind

Feel safe knowing your child’s teachers and leaders act in their best interests and trust in their dedication to providing a safe, nurturing classroom experience.

A Supportive Home To Meet Your Child’s Needs

Teachers fill your child’s days with love, empathy, understanding, and support to guide them through their every emotion; you can count on this talented team.

Learning Through Play Makes Everything Fun

From silly songs and funky dance moves, to group circle time and ping-pong, every day is different, and each brings a new opportunity for fun, creativity, and excitement.

Providing Warmth & Love In A Friendly Environment

Feel like family every time you walk in as the team greets you with big smiles. Warmth, affection, and positive, gentle behavior help your child establish trust and security.

Transparent Partnerships With A Devoted Preschool Family

We are all one, and nobody ever gets left behind. Loving teachers care for everyone in this community as if they were family.

A Commitment To Education Ensures Their Bright Future

Thanks to programs rated 4 stars by the state, combined with a talented team, your child enjoys the education they need to excel in their future schooling, career, and life.

Launch Your Child Into Lifelong School Success

From cuddling infants to guiding toddlers through hands-on math, science, and literary concepts, to getting older children ready for the world of kindergarten and beyond, teachers use play as the base of lifelong learning, social-emotional connection, confident independence, and movement.
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